My fondest childhood memories are of living and travelling through Europe and South Africa with my parents. Images of castles and knights, bustling cities and wide open beaches, safari parks and animals made up my earliest years of life, until my family settled in Edmonton.

I started taking photographs when I was about 9 years old, using a 110mm camera that my parents gave me one year for Christmas. My favorite times to take pictures were during our family camping trips in the Rocky Mountains.

After graduating from university in Computer Engineering, my girlfriend and I moved to Holland to work overseas. With 9 weeks of vacation each year and a passion for travel, I quickly purchased a new camera and started a more serious study of photography – one that I explored while travelling.

We finally returned to Canada, got married, and started a new family with two wonderful children.


As I left behind a career in technology and moved into work as a professional photographer, my focus in photography has shifted toward a more personal, intimate perspective – one that reflects the emotional impact of a subject on the viewer.