My goal as a photographer is to create images that are visually and emotionally compelling, that will leave a lasting impression, and will serve you or your business.

Something that I wish to be clear about is this: I do not take snapshots of people or of architecture. If all you need are some quick pictures, you or someone you know can easily take them using any cellphone, compact, or DSLR camera.

With so many cellphones & pocket cameras around, I’ve often been asked: Why would I would choose to be a photographer when anyone can take a picture?

The answer is really simple: taking snapshots with a camera or cellphone is not the same as thing as creating high-end photographs of people or places.

In my opinion, the more cellphones and cameras, the better, because people will be able to capture all of those fun, spontaneous moments that appeal to them and to their friends. But for a picture to stand out and truly be memorable, whether it’s a personal portrait or an interior/exterior shot of a multi-million dollar home, attention to detail is required to create the best possible image.

Architecture, Interior Design, & Real Estate

Working Together

The first things that I will ask you are what are we shooting, what kind of photos do you want, and where will you be using them (web, sales brochure, professional portfolio, etc.).

For larger, more complicated shoots (architectural), I will likely review the site with you to plan the shoot.

For each industry, I focus on what’s important to you and take my pictures accordingly.

Real Estate – Multiple shots throughout the house and in the same rooms, highlight key features that are important for the sale of the home. These usually include, but are not limited to: all bedrooms, den, dining room, kitchen, living room, walk-in closets, yard, and garage, special details that are important for the sale of the home.

Interior Design – Shots focussed on the design elements used to create the space, including wide angle shots of the interior, mixed with detailed shots of specific features, such as pictures, decorations, colors, fireplaces, alcoves, countertops, fireplaces, etc.

Architecture – Key shots of interiors and/or exteriors, highlighting the most important and attractive elements of the building. These can include daylight/twilight exterior photographs, wide angle interior photographs, with an emphasis on key architectural elements, using a combination of natural and artificial lighting to create a “look” that captures and creates a feeling to the space.

Portrait Photography

My portrait photography shoots are for people looking for a relaxed, enjoyable session with professional quality results. I do not use a studio, so all of my equipment and lighting is used on location, which can either be an outdoor setting, such as a park or field, or an indoor setting, such as a home or other building.

I have worked with families, businesses, sport teams, dancers, and couples, and I love to create natural looking photographs that do not look like something out of fashion magazine or studio shoot, with hours of photo-shop work behind them.

All of my photographs, whether they are portrait or architectural, are digitally enhanced to create the best possible image, but not so much as to create an artificial or in-authentic look.